2022 NBA Playoff Bracket: Printable & Current Format of NBA Playoffs

A new playoff system will be used for the 2020/21 NBA season, and it will be different from the one used this year. Teams that are close to being eliminated will be given the chance to play in a play-in round. Under the NBA’s new rules, no team is safe.

During this year’s NBA playoffs, there will be three rounds of games. The play-in tournament will have four teams from each conference that are ranked 7-10. There will be a single game between the 7th and 8th seeds. The winner will get 7th place. Semifinal match: The 8th seed beats the 7th and 8th seed loser in a match that took place. For the teams that finished ninth and tenth in their conference to move on and get the eighth spot, they must win two games.

This method allows fans to cheer for a team that would not have made the playoffs in the past. If you’re still not sure what the rules are for the tournament, we’ll use simplest explanation to share you.

When is NBA Playoffs 2022?

2022 NBA playoffs will begin on Saturday, April 16 and ends on Monday, May 30. So, make sure to hit your calendar with the notes so that you won’t miss the opportunity to witness the spectacle from the beginning to the end.

How does NBA Playoff Bracket work?

Let’s break down it in several points from Seeding the bracket, ties, qualifying and seeding, as well as the rounds.

Bracket Seeding

A new playoff seeding system was used by the NBA for the first time in 2016, with the eight teams in each conference being ranked based on their record only. In the past, the lowest seed for a division champion was 4. A lot of people thought they were right. Maybe the NFL Playoffs will be right as well! As in the NFL Playoff Tournament, teams who win move up in the standings right away. The NBA Playoff Tournament is the same way.


If two teams have the same record, head-to-head results decide who is the winner. If the division winner’s head-to-head record is even, the division winner gets a better seed. If two teams in the same division are tied, they can break the tie by looking at their win-loss records against the other division. With league opponents, you can see if it doesn’t work.

Qualifying and Seeding

The NBA Playoffs are made up of eight teams from each conference. Each team in each conference will be ranked from 1 to 8 based on their overall record. There will be first and second seeds in the NCAA tournament for winners and runners-up from each conference.


NFL playoffs don’t have bye weeks in the first round, so there aren’t any in the first round. The winners of the conference tournament move on to the next round. The top two teams in each conference go to the championship games. The winners of each conference will play in the NBA Finals.

NBA Playoff Series

When it comes to the NBA playoffs, there is now a best-of-seven series now. In the past, there were some best-of-5 games. Today, 7-game series make more money.

The series rotation would happen in the home courts as follow:

  • 2 Games @ Higher Seeds Home Court
  • 2 Games @ Lower Seeds Home Court
  • 1 Game @ Higher Seeds Home Court
  • 1 Games @ Lower Seeds Home Court
  • 1 Games @ Higher Seeds Home Court

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